Future Events

List of events already organised (and details of our past events)

2011 September Labour Party Conference Liverpool,
2012 September Labour Party Conference Manchester Central
2013 September Labour Party Conference Bournemouth International Centre and the Pavillion
2014 September Labour Party Conference Manchester Central

Proposed Topic - please add more!

Health reform and the role of local government?
National Social Care Service
End of Life
Care of the Elderly
Urgent Care
Children health food and exercise
Can GPs commission on their own?
Getting there Travel to hospital and travel costs
Discrimination in health services
Drugs policy
Health in rural areas
Foundation Trusts and accountability
Safety and regulation
Health inequality in NI
Sexual Health
Health & Regeneration
Art/Environment & Health
manufacturers and supermarkets – problem or solution
Lessons of international healthcare reform
Improving clinical outcomes
Communities, neighbourhoods & health and wellbeing
How can we manage the synergy between housing, health and social services?
Social model of health v medical model
Information prescription
Community Development and health
Behaviour change, lifestyle and health
Commissioning for beginners
What are we competing for?
Managers, politicians and professionals
BME staff
Politics for Doctors
Seminar for complaints managers
Learning from Wales and Scotland
Making LINKs work
Access to Primary Care
Clinical Integration
Third sector
Consumerism and health
Mental Health

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